Adjustable beds made eazy

All of our beds are made to the highest standard and with some of the best components on the market so you can be sure of a great night sleep on a quality product with excellent engineering.

Our mattress covers are very light ensuring quick moisture evaporation (as we all loose up to ½  a pint of water each night) it also gives you the true feel to the memory foam or Reflex mattress by laying so close to it thicker covers mean they keep moisture and keep you away from the true feel (especially bad for memory foam).



Reflex was the first material made to work with adjustable beds as it bends and contours with the shape of the bed when adjusted, it consists of a very high quality Reflex foam surrounded by a light removable washable cover made for your weight and how you like the feel of the mattress hard, medium or soft.

Memory Foam

Memory foam or Visco Elastic is a unique material that is temperature sensitive. Used on mattresses it has excellent pressure releaving properties that help sufferers of medical conditions such as arthritis or people with shoulder, hip and knee pain by decreasing the pressure on these joints, the way it works is that most people lay on their side when going to sleep this naturally creates pressure on the shoulders and hips (pressure creates heat on all mattress) the heat generated by the pressure reacts with the memory foam and it softens more in the shoulder and hip areas distributing your weight more evenly across the mattress this also means you do not inhibit your circulation as much, you will toss and turn less and this gives you an incredible nights sleep.


Sprung mattress normally have a wire around the edge of the bed to keep your springs in place (feel the edge of your own sprung mattress) but with an adjustable bed this restricts the movement of the mattress when the bed is being adjusted so at easy beds we surround the edge of the mattress with a 1 ½  inch layer of foam to keep your springs in place whist allowing the mattress to contour with the adjustment of the bed. All of our sprung mattresses are 1 inch thicker.

Grab Ring

This grab ring has been specially designed for electric adjustable beds as when the head end of the bed moves up normally the grab ring moves with it and impedes you from getting out of the bed, this latest grab rail is attached to the side of the bed so it does not move when the bed moves this makes it easy to use whilst getting sitting up.

Grab Ring



Adjustable Bed - Highgate


  1. 5 Fold Mechanism
  2. Beech Wood Slatts
  3. Lumber Adjustment Firm / Soft Feel
  4. German Whisper Quiet Motor System (as Standard)
  5. Easy Operation Controls
  6. 2 Yr Warranty on Motors.


  1. Mattress Made For Your Weight and Firmness
  2. Light Removable Washable Cover (moisture evaporation)
  3. 17cm Luxury High Quality Memory / Reflex  Foam
  4. Dust Mite Free / Hypo Allergic


  1. Pine Luxury Surround
  2. High Foot End


  1. 5 Point Massage System.
  2. Heavy Duty 35 Stone Mechanism
  3. Infra Red Remote Control


Singles 2ft 6, 3ft, 3ft 6
Doubles 4ft, 4ft 6, 5ft, 6ft (one mattress)
Duals 4ft 6, 5ft, 6ft (independent movement on either side two mattresses)